Signs That You Are In Menopausal Stage

Although people say they know how it feels and that it’s totally natural, without a fact, it feels like hell when you hit the menopause. From gaining a few pounds to hair growing on your chin, many women consider menopause a hell on earth.

Without a fact, it feels like hell when you hit the menopause although people say they know how it feels and that it’s totally natural. Many women consider menopause a hell on earth from gaining a few pounds to hair growing on your chin, though that doesn’t mean that menopause are just downfalls. There are some positive things that will happen as well!
Here are Many Things you Need to Know About Menopause.
You Cry for No Reason
Hormones rushing through your body will often cause you to cry for no reason.
Hair Will Grow on Random Places
Finding hairs on your chin isn’t weird, but for some silly reason, you’ll often be finding hairs on ridiculous and strange places.
You’ll Find it Hard to Sleep Without Being Disturbed
The insomnia during the Menopause is a real thing and it is considered unbearable. You’ll find yourself lying in bed unable to fall asleep many times.
You’ll Want all of the Chocolate in The World
You’ll often have cravings for sweet foods and chocolate.
You Will Gain Weight
Sometimes the weight gain is going to be caused by the chocolate you consume, but other times, it is because your metabolism is slowing down.

You’ll Often Forget Your Own Name
While in menopause, you’ll often forget even the simplest things and lots of basic things will confuse you.
You Will Feel Like your brain has abandoned you

The menopause will have you feeling like your brain has abandoned you.
You’re going to break out like a teenager.
This is the period where you will re-live the pain of your teenage years.
You’re going to say things that are on your mind
Keeping the mean comments inside will sometimes seem impossible. You’ll become more direct even when having small talks.

Some parts of your body will swell
The most common disposed parts of swelling are your ankles.
You’ll Experience Mood Swings
From happy, to sad, to wanting to rip someone’s head off. That is called menopause. Within 20 minutes, you’re going to laugh, shout, scream and cry.
If someone touches you, you may scream
Even when people try to comfort you, you’ll feel like screaming in their face.
You’re going to have a hard time holding back mean comments
Even when you’re feeling slightly annoyed you’ll be throwing mean comments everywhere.
You’ll feel like you’re going insane
During some point, you will feel like you’ve lost all connection to the real world. And want some more chocolate.
Hot flashes
You might’ve heard the “hot flashes” myths, however it will turn out far worse than you’ve imagined.
You’d rather sit in the fridge
You’ll feel hot. Not sexy, but hot. You’ll wish that you were living in the fridge.
You will sweat more than every other person in the house.
You’ll always be feeling sweaty and you’ll never feel fully clean.
Somehow you still retain water
You’ll end up bloated even if you sweat out all liquids. This is because you’ll have water retention problems.

ALL you want to do is eat, eat, eat
Food will become your life and it will replace your social life. You’ll be having food cravings all the time.
You are always on the war path
Anger will become your middle name as you’ll let no one stand in your way.

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