Kobe Bryant, Samuel L. Jackson, Marlon Wayans puzzled by Pacquiao defeat: ‘Russians hacked this decision’

2sh18Cm Kobe Bryant, Samuel L. Jackson, Marlon Wayans puzzled by Pacquiao defeat: ‘Russians hacked this decision’

Jeff Horn won a bloody and brutal fight in Brisbane, scoring a unanimous decision victory over Manny Pacquiao on Sunday.

The three judges scored the closely-fought bout 117-111, 115-113, 115-113 in Horn’s favour.

Famous fans are enraged at the judges decision awarding Jeff Horn a unanimous victory over Pacquiao in a 12-round battle.

Among the stars who opposed Pacquiao’s defeat were Hollywood stars Samuel L. Jackson and Marlon Wayans and NBA legend Kobe Bryant.

“Uhhhhhh, can U Say Bullshit??!! Manny got Fucked!!! That’s the face of a winner??!” Jackson tweeted.

“Dear boxing, this is an atrocity. What fight were the judges watching?????!!!! This fight was an obvious easy Pacquiao win. This was crooked! I have been a boxing fan my entire life but NO LONGER. I am done. If you have the balls to cheat is on free tv how can I ever trust you with a PPV. This was bullshit. Manny was cheated!!! Fuck this sport!” Marlon Wayans Tweeted.

“Just in: apparently the Russians hacked this decision as well #bullshit #blackeyeforboxing #fuckboxing #stopcheatingthefans #rememberboxing” Wayans said.

“#facts my bro @stephenasmith speaking truths. Boxing lost a true fan tonight… ME!” Wayans added.

“So um what fight were these Motherfucking judges watching?” he said,

Meanwhile, Pacquiao trainer, Freddie Roach, has called for one of the judges from his fight against Australian Jeff Horn to be investigated over her controversial scoring.

Waleska Roldan scored the fight 117-111 in Horn’s favour as part of a unanimous decision, with the other two judges scoring it 115-113.

“That was hard, sometimes I think people need to be investigated,” Roach told the Daily Telegraph.

“At least in America where you get odd scores like that with the judges, the head commissioner should ask at some point, ‘Why? Where? Show me how you came up with that score.’”

Boxing expert Teddy Atlas was fuming, claiming the 29-year-old was gifted the decision for how hard he worked as opposed to how many clean punches he threw. The 60-year-old exploded on-air after Horn’s arm was raised, slamming the judges in an incredulous tirade.

“They gave a win, a huge win, to the local kid for trying hard,” he yelled. “You’re not supposed to get it for trying hard. You’re supposed to get it for winning and I thought Pacquiao won the fight if you go by the real rules of who lands the cleaner punches.”

Surprisingly, Pacquiao had no qualms about the result immediately after the fight finalised, accepting the call as medical staff rushed to work on his cuts.

“That’s the decision of the judges, I respect that,” he said.

When asked if he’d be returning later in the year for a rematch, the former world champion replied: “Absolutely, no problem.”

Horn closed out his post-fight interview with a word of thanks to his opponent, a man he looked up to for inspiration early in his career.

“Manny, you’re an absolute legend. Thank you,” he said.

Source:  Politikonews.com.au

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