Ganyan kami nabuhay! Pinoy scholars defend Robredo after DSWD exec calls her ‘basurera’

2sb8kzL Ganyan kami nabuhay! Pinoy scholars defend Robredo after DSWD exec calls her ‘basurera’

Social Welfare Assistant Secretary Lorraine Marie Badoy called Vice President Leni Robredo a ‘basurera’ for rummaging through an American neighborhood for second-hand items.

Several prominent Filipinos who studied overseas have come to the defense of Vice President.

Former Ateneo School of Government dean Tony La Vina said the habit of looking for secondhand items in good condition became ingrained in him that he still did it even when he was already working in Washington, DC and able to afford to buy brand new things.

La Vina recalled how he and a friend also scoured through the streets for discarded furniture for their apartment when he was studying in the US.

Renowned painter and sculptor Toym Imao said he survived graduate studies in Baltimore by doing what the vice president did.

“I have survived my graduate studies and augmented my limited scholarship grant in the U.S. by re-purposing ‘garbage’ which is technically just “hand me downs” by a transient academic community ussally around locales surrounding colleges and universities.” Imao said in a Facebook post.

“Yes, I am also a ‘basurero’ I dumpsterdive, and make do with what the street corners, and the recycling bin have to offer, Real garbage are those who trash these pragmatic and frugal acts.” Imao said.

Former ABS-CBN reporter Ryan Chua, a Chevening scholar who studied in London, said he even had a bedsheet and duvet which came from the dumpster.

“Tipid eh. Bakit hindi? Ni minsan hindi ko inisip na pagpulot yon sa tita mga imperyalista o kaya pagtataksil sa bayan,” Chua said.

Badoy has called Robredo a “basurera after she claimed that in Boston, those things, appliances and home decors etc. can be digged out from the trash bins.

Badoy, a medical doctor said she always put her best foot forward when she attends conferences abroad. She said she does it not only for herself but for the country.

“So to hear the Vice President of this Land blithely say she picks on the garbage of Americans—colonial masters of recent times– pains me to my deepest, darkest depths.”

“It is such a striking metaphor for what our country has been to America–garbage–and such a striking metaphor to what I think our Vice President has become: Uncle Sam’s garbage collector.”

Badoy said that Robredo’s actions makes her burn in shame because it was supposedly beneath what was expected of a Vice President.

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