Are You Awake At Certain Points of The Night and Dawn? This is What it Means..

Life is full of mysteries not accepted and misunderstood by science. Many things just have no scientific explanation, but are very accurate.

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 One of these things is Chinese Traditional Medicine – according to the practice, sleep is connected to certain organs, so when it’s somehow affected, our sleep suffers as a result. For example, Chinese Traditional Medicine says that if you’re awake between 9-11 PM, it is because of stress.

When you awake at 9-11 PM
As we already mentioned, staying awake in these hours is probably due to stress. If this is indeed the problem, try to relax for at least half an hour before going to bed. Try meditation or yoga or just relax without thinking much of everything else in order to fall asleep easier.

When you awake at 11 PM – 1 AM
Emotional disappointment might be keeping your eyes wide open at this point of the night. According to the ancient practice, the gallbladder is the most active organ between these hours, so you might try resolving any problems related to it in order to sleep better.
When you awake at 1-3 AM
Staying awake between 1-3 AM is caused by excess anger. Meditate before going to bed or drink a glass of water to resolve the problem.
When you awake at 3-5 AM

Being awake between 3-5 AM means that a supernatural force is trying to communicate with you directly. Experts say that this involves a larger purpose, and that the relationship is filled with sadness. If this is the case, pray more and learn some breathing techniques or sleeping exercises.
When you awake at 5-7 AM
Waking up between 5 and 7 AM is probably due to some sort of emotional blockage. At this point, the bowel is the most active organ in the body. To resolve the problem, try stretching your muscles or going to be bathroom.
As you can see, waking up in the middle of the night is probably connected to some kind of problem with a certain organ. If you learn how to identify the problem, you can react accordingly and resolve it. Now that you know what waking up at a certain hour overnight means, try the solutions above and see if they work for you!

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