According to Psychologists, This is What it Means When You Cry Even in Small Things

When was the last time you cried? Have you lately cried a lot to cry your eyes out?
Absolutely crying is not a bad thing, it does not mean that you are too vulnerable and weak, do not ever say you are sorry about crying. It is actually a sign of a strength and pliability.

Here are 4 reasons to gain more power and feel amazing after crying:
Learn the method of reducing stress
The American Psychological Association conducted a study in 1984, and it exposed that shedding few tears can reduce stress caused by anxiety, sadness and interpersonal relationship. Tears are beneficial in clarifying and channeling the thoughts, because keeping them in you may result in long- term psychological damage.
It is very helpful in liberating all the negative pressure that has buildup in the day, it recharges and gives you comfort. On the other hand, emotional tears also contain hormones that are freed from the body and can improve your mood.
Roger Baker, a professor at Bournemouth University states that trauma is reduces with crying, because it actually transforms the stress into something material.
Do not be scared to express your feelings
There are many reasons why people cry, such as loneliness, loss, hormonal imbalance, low blood sugar, sadness, anger, stress, and even simple things such as a sad movie or songs.
Crying is of high significance because it can make people to face with the feelings and accept them. Not being able to acknowledge these negative feelings, it may result in anxiety, depression, drug abuse, alcoholism and many other unhealthy compulsive behaviors.
People usually run away and in a way ‘hide’ from the feelings of guilt, fear and judgment, and keep them in themselves. It is very significant to accept and express our emotions and also be strong enough to control them and show them.
Crying means that you are not concerned about other people’s opinion

If we are found with some other people, we usually hide our feelings of weakness and vulnerability and try not to shed any tears in front of them. People have accepted the belief that it is very embarrassing to cry in front of others. But this cannot be controlled, and in some cases we are not able to suppress these negative feelings.
There is one study, conducted in 1964, which investigated the self-reported emotional response when there are present people who are crying, and the response is not as negative as usual and they show more compassion to those who shed some tears.
When people cry, it usually makes them uncomfortable, but it is also a sign that they do not rely on the social expectations.
You are a better friend
Crying in front of someone is usually a sign that you are relaxed with that person and that you do not feel ashamed in front of them to show your feelings.
For example, if you start crying when you get some bad news, this way you are helping the other person to reduce the stress and show their emotions, as well. Crying can actually help you to create a better and more significant relationship by tearing down the walls between you and your friend.
Mental illness and crying
On the other hand, if you have constant need to cry, you should consult a counselor or a therapist. It may be a sign of depression or anxiety. These conditions are very frequent and can happen to anyone around the world, and we must find how to solve these problems very fast.
There are three online centers that can help you with these conditions and offer more information:
  •  Better Help
  •  Hope Care
  •  International Help Lines
To sum up, crying is a healthy, natural thing that helps your body to deal with stress and free all the negative emotions. It can build your character, make your relationships stronger, deal with stress and improve your mood.
So, do not hold back tears, and let them to free all the stress and sorrow you are feeling.

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