A Girl Made A Mistake In The Kitchen And Her Family Suffer and Die

2s4wfVx A Girl Made A Mistake In The Kitchen And Her Family Suffer and Die
In all cuisines around the world in general, potatoes are a common essential. They are a part of many tasty recipes and offer many health benefits.

So far, there are definite cases in which potatoes can be unhealthy, and even poisonous.
To be precise, you may want to throw away your potatoes if you have kept them too long in the kitchen. Here is why!
Back in 2015, a Russian 8-year-old girl called Maria Chelysheva became an orphan due to a batch of old potatoes that her family kept in the basement and had let rot.
Her father went there to get some potatoes and did not return. Her mother had the same fate. The same happened to her brother, and sooner or later, her grandmother.
Her grandmother called the neighbor but before he came, she went to check the situation in the basement and became the last victim.
The terrible consequences were caused by glycoalkaloid which is found in potatoes and makes them naturally toxic under certain circumstances.
This harmful chemical is also found in poisonous nightshade plants. This chemical is poisonous not only if consumed, but if inhaled as well.
The concentration of glycoalkaloids in potatoes increases when they rot, leading to the emission of toxic gas, which in this case, killed the family of Maria.
She may have also become the next victim since she started looking for her family, but luckily, the gas had dissipated a bit because her mother had left the door open.
This heartbreaking story should warn you about the possible terrible consequences of rotten potatoes. Hence, next time your potatoes are at risk of going bad, throw them away immediately!

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