Hindi nagsisinungaling ang kasaysayan! Ang totoong Koneksyon ni Ninoy Aquino at Marcial Bonifacio The Malaysian passport!

by Hidden Truth PH

QUESTION: Did Ninoy Aquino left PH on exile to USA and returned to PH using different name with "counterfeit" Passport? Why did he pass through Kuala Lumpur from Boston to PH in 1983.

ANSWER: PH Govt revokes and cannot issue PH Passport to persons convicted of TREASON, like for example Ninoy Aquino. The passport he used to exit PH under the name Marcial Bonifacio was not a counterfeit PH Passport, but a genuine Malaysian Passport. From US, he smoothly entered Japan, Hongkong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, of course with a genuine Malaysian Passport, not with a counterfeit PH Passport. The story about Ninoy's counterfeit PH Passport was highlighted to cover-up the existence of his Malaysian Passport.

Noong araw, wala pang Dual Citizen sa Pilipinas. 2003 lang nagsimula ang Dual Citizenship Act of the PH. In the practice of due-diligence, Passport is the standard universal documentary proof of citizenship.

Ninoy Aquino was not a Filipino citizen when he died; he was a Malaysian citizen. His passport and other personal belongings disappeared when he died (personal items of the deceased are usually in the hands of the family).

He had to pass through KL Malaysia before returning to PH to make Last Will and Testament with his bank account in KL Malaysia. That bank account was how Malaysia pays Ninoy his Treason Fee and also his under-the-table collection for Malaysia's stealing of Sabah. The same bank account, that I call the TREASON FUND, funded the formation of MNLF-MIM and CPP-NPA in 1969, funded EDSA-1, even EDSA-2, and in building the Aquino-Cojuanco political and business empire in the PH.
Hanggang ngayon, ang kamandag nyang Ninoy Treason Fund ay patuloy na ginagamit at pumipinsala sa Pilipinas. Kayang bilhin nyan ang mga high-powered AK47 sa Crame para i-issue sa mga NPA. Kayang pondohan ang gun factory ng MILF. Kayang pondohan ang bilyones na kailangan for national campaign ng partido.

Kaya yang slogan ni Ninoy na "The Filipino is worth dying for", putol yan, dapat yan ay "The Filipino is worth dying for MONEY".

Atsaka, with this revelation, hindi na kayo magtataka kung bakit hindi mabuwag-buwag ang RECTO and QUIAPO as fabrication center of counterfeit documents -- si Ninoy ay isa sa pinaka unang customer dyan -- protektado yang lugar na yan ng Malaysia-Aquino gang. Election fraud? Chicken lang yang election fraud sa kanila -- Maguindanao and Lanao ay sentro ng counterfits -- kaya gusto nilang kontrolin yang area na yan with BBL.

Please refer also to the post of Dax Samonte on the issue:

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[SOURCE]- Hidden Truth PH, Dax Samonte

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