Dating PH Ambassador may nakaka Touch na Mensahe sa ating Lahat "When Duterte came to power, we recovered our national dignity"

Former PH ambassador Wilfrido Villacorta states on an ANC interview that President Rodrigo Duterte brought back our national dignity. Villacorta a Former Philippine Ambassador and Permanent Representative to ASEAN and Former ASEAN Deputy Secretary- General starts with a statement that the momentum of being the growth engine of the world is shifting towards Asia and that the western world namely America are trying to regain its grip in the global stature with 'inspiring words'.

"Who is now the growth engine of not only Asia but of the World it's Asia. It's no longer the west. The glory of the western world is gone and poor Mr. Trump is trying to recover the so called greatness of his own country with inspiring words but empty words " says the former ambassador.
Villacorta added that in line with the Motherhood statement of the ASEAN "Partnering for change, engaging the world" the current administration is defining the meaning of 'partnering for change' as to acknowledge that there are emerging powers that the country cannot ignore. The current administration recognizes the factors driving the current world and is moving towards new alliances that might be uncanny to some but if it means the betterment of the country then it should be done.

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