Duterte bares loathing for 'Manila 400' who milk state resources, don't pay taxes, manipulate elections

President Rodrigo Duterte revealed that he refused to accept any campaign donations from the so-called “Manila 400” because he knew that if he won, they would be the first to fall under his anti-corruption drive.
During the 6th Philippine Professional Summit at Manila Hotel last October 26, the Republic of the Philippines President, Rodrigo Duterte, revealed in a speech, how he turned down the donation campaign of the so-called “Manila 400”, referred to the members of rich families of Manila that include Spanish and Chinese tycoons and the political elites.
Duterte thought of the Philippine High Society members to have superiority complex and believed that once he won the election, the said group would be the first in the list of his anti-corruption campaign which he ludicrously called “Oligarch”.

“I avoided money, especially coming from persons, ‘yung the ‘Four Hundred of Society’ that who are there enjoying the benefits of governance, protection and all, using public streets and not paying any money, using government property almost one century, not even bothering,” said Duterte.

“In the matter of taxes, the ruling elite of this country has enjoyed. Never had such any problem with the government. They do not pay taxes and they expect government to kneel them down because they hold power. They have the publications and they have everything,” he added.

He also exposed the plan of the said group on how they can keep their lifestyle consistent by controlling the election and using the government.

“Sino ‘yung nagiging Presidente ng Pilipinas? Dito lang. It’s being talked in just a small room, drinking scotch, ‘Oh, sinong kandidato natin ngayon? Oh, patawag mo si ano, ‘yung contribution niya, sabihin mo 40 billion siya’,” said Duterte.


Source:  politics.com.ph

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