While everyone's celebrating, this family is grieving because they loss the head of their Family, PO3 Daniel Tegwa

Everyone is celebrating for the coup that Special Action Force (SAF) has accomplished to neutralize Abu Sayyaf leader and designated Islamic State “emir’ in Southeast Asia Isnilon Hapilon and militant leader Omar Maute on Monday for an early morning operation.
The two terrorist leaders were using hostages to shield themselves and were moving from one bombed building to another using the darkness to escape towards the direction of  Lanao Lake.
But government troops already tracked their movement and positioned themselves to get ready for the kill.  A sniper successfully shot one of the escaping terrorists on the head who was later identified as Omar Maute and the other one died to bullet wounds on chest who was later identifies as Isnilon Hapilon who has P10 million bounty from President Duterte and a separate $5 million reward from the US government for his arrest. After the exhange of fire has been cleares, When the smoke of four hours of gunfire cleared, seven other militants lay dead.

While everyone is celebrating, the Tegwa Family is grieving because they loss the head of their Family, PO3 Daniel Tegwa.

According to Robelyn, her husband, Daniel, has been in Marawi since May 23. After the successful operation, he called to check on Robelyn and their daughter, Kiesh Darriel, Monday morning and continued their conversation on Facebook to send over photos as proof that they slayed the two leaders, Hapilon and Maute. Around noontime, he sent a message in Ilocano:“mabisinak” (I’m hungry) to which Robelyn replied, “mangan kan ah?” (go eat).

Robelyn said “by late afternoon she saw posts of his mates condoling with us saying that my husband was dead. We waited for his superiors to confirm if it was true? I can’t remember anymore who called. Maybe the liaison of their battalion, I can’t remember because there were so many calls.”

Accoring to Daniel’s fellow SAF troopers, Daniel was killed by a sniper after he took his lunch.

SAF Director Benjamin Lusad, it was PO3 Daniel last test mission with the Scout Rangers after they cornered the two terrorists.

Until now, Robelyn still could not believe the sudden death of Daniel because she was just talking him then suddenly this tragedy happened

Daniel was a graduate of the Philippine National Police Special Action Force (PNP-SAF) Commando course in 2014 and belong to SAF Maragtas 64, Team II and was part of Class 200 of the Scout Ranger Regiment as part of their skills capability upgrade. 

Robely Tegwa and her four-year-old daughter Kiesh Darriel hold a photo of PO3 Daniel Tegwa.


Source:  news.mb.com

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