The 5 Things YOU’RE Doing That’s Scaring Men Away

Ever started dating a man only for him to seemingly completely disappear from the face of the earth? Below are things you could be doing to scare men off.
1. Texting too much: Men typically have a different perspective on texts. They use them for logistics and aren’t as big on texting as women.
2. Being possessive: As soon as a man feels like he’s being restricted from other things in his life that he enjoys, it will put pressure on the relationship and it probably won’t be long before he starts to lose interest and want out.
3.Pushing for too much commitment too soon: Whilst it’s good to know where a relationship is going, it’s also wise to let it evolve naturally and not put pressure on a man to commit.
4. Expecting the man to pay for everything: If this has not been agreed beforehand and even expecting him to get you home can scare a man off and think he’s wanted for money only.
5. Being a drama queen: Creating drama for no real reason can suggest that you’re high maintenance. There’s a balance between reacting accordingly to something and blowing it way out of proportion.

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