Somizi calls out Bonang Matheba for reportedly lying about abusive ex-Boyfriend in her book

Toke Makinwa’s BFF and AKA’s girlfriend, Bonang Matheba, has been accused of lying about the violent abuse she claimed she suffered in 2012 from her ex-boyfriend, Euphonik in her new book Bonang From A to B.

In her book, Bonang said she stopped being friends with Somizi an Idols Judge, after he became friends Euphonik even after witnessing the violence towards.

She wrote in her book;
“In The End, It Was One Of The Reasons I Stopped Being Friends With One Of My Closest Friends, Somizi Mhlongo, Although Not Immediately…It Took Me A While To Eventually Leave That Relationship, And Years After I Had, Somizi, Who Was My Friend, Suddenly Became Friends With My Ex[Euphonik]. The Same One Whose Violence Towards Me He Had Witnessed. That’s When I Knew He Had To Go. I Couldn’t Trust Him Anymore So I Cut Him Out Of My Life.”

However in an interview at Metro FM, Somizi told a caller;

“ Euphonik and I never spoke until after a year of our break up. I’ve never witnessed Euphonik abusing her.”
“I was obsessed with her [Bonang], I was so loyal that I would even fight her battles even if it has nothing to do with me. To this day I would still want to know. If she respected our friendship, she would have confronted me, she never confronted me about anything. I would have done it.”

Bonang is however yet to respond to this.

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