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I’m sure that most of us had encountered different types of taxi cab driver. There are drivers who overcharge their passengers, there drivers who drive while drunk, there are drivers who are not that passenger friendly and so on. These affect our mindset whenever we hear taxi cab.

But what if your driver is none other than Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte? What would be the first thing that you will do if you found out that President Duterte will be in charged of your safety while taking a taxi cab? I bet you’ll be astonished like what happened to Norman Talimongan who excitedly posted on Facebook his experience when he met President Duterte for the first time in a very unexpected place.

On his post, Norman said that he and his foreign friends decided to ride a taxi cab after their Futsal (Indoor Football) at Crocodile Park in Davao City because it’s too far and dark to go outside.
While inside the taxi cab, one of his friends named Alec told him that the driver looks like President Duterte. Out of curiosity, he tried to confirm if the driver is President Duterte or not, by moving closer to the rearview mirror to see his face.

Norman was surprised after seeing the driver’s face and confirmed that he is the President. They tried to interrogate the driver to confirm but the driver just laughed at them like trying to imply. 

He described that the driver was wearing a leather jacket and a white towel on his head. He also added that the driver has no ID which made their speculation stronger.

Below is his full post:


Kayo na mag judge sa pictures guys, GRABE nag mukha kaming mga FAN GIRLS kanina sa taxi kaka-sigaw ng "JUSKO LORD" PRAMIS! HAHAHAHAHAHA!

Kakatapos lang namin mag futsal (indoor football) sa Crocodile park Davao City kanina, then since malayo and madilim palabas ng lugar nag patawag kami ng taxi sa staff, I was with some foreigners din na futsal players, then 10mins while nasa taxi kami, bumulong si Alec na kahawig nung driver si President Duterte, so ginawa ko is nilapit ko mukha ko and tiningnan ko yung rear view mirror, LUMAKI MATA ko sa nakita ko hahahaha. CONFIRMED! HAHAHAHAHA! "HALA JUSKO!!" then sabay tumawa yung driver which assume namin na si President talaga. may pa cover pa siya na face towel sa ulo niya

We asked him "Pres kayo po ba yan" MARAMING BESES, Then always wala siyang sinabi then tumawa lang, nilapit ko ulit mukha ko then natataranta na yung mga foreigners na kasama namin sabay search ng mukha ni Pres.Duterte sa google para iconfirm Hahahaha! CONFIRMED! ang ingay ingay na nila sa taxi to the point na nag arabic na sila OJ sobra hahahaha! Di namin alam guys if siya ba talaga or Kamukha niya lang, but if SIYA MAN or HINDI SOBRA kaming nag enjoy sa taxi. wala din siyang ID sa Taxi niya which dapat meron. DI ko talaga alam hahahaha

PS: AGAIN KAYO NA MAG BASE SA PICTURE! I apologize sa mejjo blurry, pictures were taken while ga drive siya. DAVAO CITY.

In the past interviews of President Duterte if we still remember, he shared, back when he was still their mayor, how he monitors the safety in Davao by disguising as a taxi cab driver. He also added that was doing this before to earn extra.

He said, “Ang totoo, gusto ko makita ang mukha ng Davao City. Nagmamaneho ako ng taxi tapos hihinto ako sa mga kanto, pero kung mang-holdap ka, malas mo lang.”

What can you say about Norman’s post? Do you think it was President Duterete who he met? Share   us your thoughts in comment section.


Source:  Norman Talimongan FB

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