Photos:Man Tied And Murdered By Gunmen, His Remains Dumped At Cemetery in Kaduna state.

A man has died a terrible death after he was tied and shot before being dumped at a cemetery in Kaduna state.
Photo of a man who was murdered in cold blood and his corpse dumped at Darur Rahma, the cemetery belonging to Islamic Movement in Nigeria in the outskirts of Zaria, Kaduna state has been found.

According to reports, the man appeared to have been shot pointblank by unknown gunmen with his hands tied from behind.
Villagers and members of the Movement guarding the cemetery scampered to safety when the gunmen opened fire at the man at the cemetery before murdering him.
A report by National Helm revealed that pictures of the victim as well as the footprints of the gunmen have been taken, and a complaint has been lodged with the nearest police station.

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