New York Alumnus to President Duterte: Arrest Trillanes when he arrives in Manila

Senator Antonio Trillanes IV visits Washington, DC to convince United States President Donald Trump to cancel his trip to the Philippines in November for Association of Southeast Asian Nation (ASEAN) Leaders Summit.

Trillanes also reportedly asking US senators to convince US President Trump not to push through with his visit to the Philippines.

Reacting to Trillanes Washington visits, New York University Alumnus and international writer Krizette Laureta Chu, wrote an open letter to Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte published through her Facebook account.

Read the open letter below:

Dear President Duterte,

What Trillanes is doing is pure and simple treason.

He is going around painting a negative image of this country, convincing leaders of the most powerful country that our country is corrupt and has become a killing field, and planning to wrest power from a democratically elected leader.

Arrest him when he arrives in Manila.

If his supporters take to the streets, we will take to the streets.

If it becomes physical, then so be it. We are ready to defend this country from traitors. I am sure our soldiers will readily have your back.

Arrest him. He can explain his side in jail.

You have our unwavering support.




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