Jealous wife repeatedly rams her BMW into her cheating husband’s car after she finds him with another woman

A jealous wife was filmed smashing her car repeatedly into her husband’s after discovering he was having an affair.
A witness filmed the scene in the city of Arica, in the northern Chilean region of the same name, as the woman deliberately drove her red BMW into her husband’s black car.
Chilean police said the woman started her destructive driving after seeing her husband pick up another woman from a shop doorway.
She followed them until he parked and they got out, then started destroying his vehicle – and her own in the process.
A man nearby can be seen trying to stop her in the witness video but with no success. He shouts ‘Senorita!’ and tries to open her car door but she ignores him.
By the time she drives off her husband’s car and hers are both badly damaged, Dailymail learnt.
She is seen stopping to shout at some men before leaving the scene but it is not clear whether her husband was among them.
As she drives away finally, her car bonnet can be seen having flipped up, obscuring the windscreen, but she carries on anyway.
The woman has been identified to police though not publicly, and is still a fugitive.

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  1. This is another proof that a woman is in uncontrollable anger when she learns about the betrayal of her husband. I've already been in a similar situation, but I did not act like that, because I learned about a possible treason and was already ready for it. I started tracking my husband's phone, which helped me prevent treason and save our family. This is a difficult period in the life of any family, the main thing is to make joint efforts to establish relations.


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