Delta girl caught after she stole N70k from woman’s account via ATM (photos)

A young girl, SS2 student in a secondary school in Delta state, was humiliated after she was caught stealing N70,000 from a woman via ATM.

According to reports, this young girl’s victim wanted to withdraw money from an ATM but was discouraged on seeing the long queue already waiting to use the Automated Teller Machine before her.
So she decided to pull a fast one by giving her ATM card to the alleged thief who was at the top of the queue – to help her withdraw N10,000.

Unfortunately for her, the young girl at the top of the queue decided to rbb her and withdrew N70,000 instead of N10,000. The alleged thief allegedly transferred N50,000 to her own account then kept N20k in her pocket.

As she made to disappear after her broad daylight robbery, her victim, (the account owner), gave her a chase with a motorcycle, shouting ‘thief-thief’.
The girl was immediately nabbed and mobbed by eye-witnesses. Photos below:

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