Best Questions to Ask Yourself Before Committing to a New Relationship

Here are a few things relationship experts suggest you consider, to avoid committing to the wrong person.

Am I still hung up on my ex?
But if you do find yourself thinking about things you’d like to change about your romantic interest, it’s probably a good idea to question why. Namely, do you wish he or she could be more like your last partner? If you’re emotionally connected to an ex (say, thinking about that person frequently, or still feeling upset about the breakup), then you’re not ready to dive into a new relationship, says Orbuch.

Is there talk of the future?
While conversations about moving in together or having babies are a bit premature at this stage, you do want someone who sees you in their future, at least in the short-term. That could mean chatting on a Monday about what you’re doing the next weekend, for example. Or buying tickets for a concert a few weeks away.

Do I accept this person exactly as is?
It’s also important to consider if you’re happy with your boo, flaws and all. “We have to ask ourselves, honestly, Can I live with this person as they are today?” says Appleman. If so, that’s a positive sign for relationship success.

Am I truly ready for this?
Say your love interest’s actions and words broadcast that he or she is 100% onboard for a commitment. You should still take a moment to double-check with yourself. “Are you ready to trust this person with parts of you that are confidential, sensitive, and intimate?” asks Orbuch.

“Many times the idea of being single results in the belief that ‘I am ready for a relationship,’” says Appleman. “Instead of making a conscious decision about whether or not it’s best to be single.”

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