Actor Emeka Ike opens up on his new girlfriend

Coming after we were hit with viral photos of Nigerian actor , Emeka Ike and his South African girlfriend, the actor has confirmed that she is indeed his girlfriend.
In a new interview, the actor had to say about his girlfriend who is a model and based in Germany;

“She’s my friend, that’s all I can say. I’m matured enough to have a friend. The important thing now is that am happy, and yes she’s my friend. Emeka Ike’s case is always on fired. Can’t I live in peace? He laughed.

When asked if he has gotten over his ex, he said, she got a divorce illegally to marry another man, after she told her son, she’s going to get married and have kids from another man. I believe she’s married now though . That’s not my problem, I have begged her severally to come back and she refused. I haven’t divorced her though, but we are no more together.”

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