5 Godly Characteristics To Look For In a Man

When there is greatness on the horizon, the devil will always send “The Counterfeit Man”. Here are 5 Godly Characteristics To Look For In a Man :

1. Committed: Say yes to the man whose mind is already made up. He is the man you’ll be able to set your watch by. You can count on him to do his very best.

2. Protection: Physical protection is important; but it is a given. Say yes to the man who will protect you with his words. He will be gentle and always address you with respect. He won’t put you down in public nor will he ridicule you behind closed doors.

3. Reliable: Don’t get it tangled with boring. Say yes to Mr. Reliable. He is the man who will be consistently dependable. He will have Godly Characteristics – resilient character; and will also be a good judge of it.

4. Motivated: This man isn’t just sitting around waiting for someone else to stir his pot. He’s already gassed up and ready to drive. He will be motivated to work, get things done and be the provider that he was called to be.

5. Mindful: Say yes to the mindful man who thinks of you—always. You may not always like him, but you will always love him. You will value his mind and appreciate the way he thinks. His heart and intentions will be pure.

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