Yolanda housing contractor faces plunder, perjury charges

JC Tayag, construction work on the housing project for the victims of typhoon Yolanda was suspended and is now facing charges of plunder due to the use of sub standard materials in the construction.
According to the report of Ben Rosario, Negros Occidental Representative Alfredo Benitez said that a team by the House Committee on housing and urban development which he is chairman, was sent to verify the denial of the contractor’ regarding the substandard construction materials.

The secretary also pointed out that the firm are making a fool out of the people of Eastern Samar and are fooling the committee.

During the House hearing, the accused stood firm in denying the accusations given to them by the subcontractor Mr. Camilo Salazar and did use substandard steel and bars for the said building of houses.

“Itong contractor na ito, niloko na mga tao sa Eastern Samar, niloko pa rin ang committee,”

To determine the truth between the words of the contractor and the whistle blower are true, the committee together with rep. Evadone of Eastern Aamar and Diogracias Victor Savellano of Ilocos Sur tasked a team of construction experts found out that Salazar was telling the truth and when he said that steel bars from 12mm were only 6mm.

“There is a possibility that similar houses for Yolanda victims are being built in Leyte, Biliran and other provinces that suffered the super-typhoon’s wrath,” he said.

Due to the incident, the secretary warned the DPWH and other government agencies that are involved in construction to inspect the structural integrity of JC Tayag’s projects and even said that he already asked the House committee on good government that with benitez’ panel whould also investigate whether the contractor has conspired with any government employee who committed fraud.


Source:  Manila Bulletin

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