Watch: Pro-Duterte motorist shouting at Anti-Duterte rallyists in Mendiola while stuck in traffic

September 21, 2017 marks not only the declaration of  martial law by former president Marcos, but also the first ever “National Day of Protest” by President Rodrigo Duterte that allowed any person or any group who would desire to openly shout out their hail for the government to be heard.

David Yu Santos of CNN Philippines on his twitter post captured and had the chance to interview a raging pro Duterte by the name Engr. Rick Manalansang a Former OFW shouting “duterte! Duterte! Duterte!” as a group of protester pass through Mendiola had been pissed on the inconvinience it caused him.

While shouting, Santos approached the enraged Engr. and asked him (“sir! Ano pong ma sasabi nio sa mga nag rarally sa daan?”) what he can say about the people rallying on the road. Manalansang then furiously answered “mga ano yan’e mga istorbo sa daan eh, tignan mo! Puro mga bayaran yan! Mga Hakot yan may mga bata ba namang nakakaintindi nian!? DUTERTE! DUTERTE!....

The Manalansang then openly without hesitation that he is a supporter of the president even during his campaign, he then added “I spend my time, my car, my resources, my money… I fight for Duterte! ‘cause he’s the only chance for our country to move on!!!” then added he that such protest “…is not good for the country…

Santos then informed him that there are also pro uterte on the other side showing support to the president where manalansang said that he will also be attending.

Watch the full video below:

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