Sen. Sotto file libel case vs blogger behind 'Malacanang Dogs in the Senate' post

An investigation was requested by the Senate Majority Leader Vicente Sotto the III to the blogger who is behind a post that called him and 6 other senators as “Malacanang Dogs in the Senate.”
The said blog made maligned the senators for not signing a resolution calling on the government to stop with its killings.

"I will ask the Senate secretary to investigate who is behind that and who abused that particular story. lahat ng sinabi dun libelous lalo na sa akin. Kaya I'm planning to file libel cases."

"The Senate secretary will investigate. They will make use of the NBI to investigate people who are behind this. Kung sino yung nasa likod nung news item na yun." Sen. Sotto said.

In the blog, Sen. Sotto was described as “the rapist, plagiarist and bigot who called all single mothers as good for nothing but accidental whores.” With Sen Cynthia Villar, Sen. Gordon, Sen. Zubiri, Sen Honasan, Sen Pacquiao and sen. Pimentel III

Accordingly, the investigation will be headed by the Senate secretary and will be using help from the NBI.

Source:  Politiko

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