Poor healthcare system in Lagos leaves little girl with ear infection, dead

The poor healthcare system in Lagos , has left a little girl with an ear infection dead. The girl who reportedly died in her father’s arms, was allegedly taken to LASUTH, where they were told there was no bed. She was then taken to LUTH, but the doctors there were on strike.

Instagram user, Balogun Azeez, who further disclosed that she was then taken to a private hospital, disclosed that the girl’s family was told to deposit N250K before treatment.

Here’s what he wrote;
“Just getting home now, tired,sad, depressed, angry,….yes!!! Angry would be the most appropriate word…This little kid just passed on (I pray she wakes up in Jesus name, cos the mother never stopped praying)..she died in her father’s arms in a taxi opposite Sheraton hotels, ikeja, after being transferred all around Lagos hospitals till she gave up d ghost. why??? NO BED IN LASUTH, LUTH ON STRIKE, PRIVATE HOSPITAL ASKING FOR 250,000 BEFORE EVEN TOUCHING HER, Ambulance (112), didn’t come in 40mins that we were with them opposite Sheraton hotels…( I mean, how far could that be, on a Sunday night with no traffic)…

This little child died because of a failed health system. There was no defibrillator in the whole of the childrens Ward…not one ( I was there myself, I asked for it with other good Samaritan that followed us to LASUTH with the nice police officer that went with us) the only question I could ask is WHY?? WHY?? WHY?? What kind of country can’t save a baby that had ear infection since last week Tuesday??? The scream of that young lady is all I hear, asking God to return her baby’s spirit… NIGERIA IS KILLING ITS PEOPLE!!!!
NIGERIANS ARE RUNNING OUT OF NIGERIA. There is a big drain of young intellect out of nigeria and nobody seems to care

Please End this deadly Strike, find a lasting solution to this failed sector…. This is unfair and unjust….”

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