Nigerian girl discussed suicide pact with friend before leaping to her death

Alex Gough, flatmate of 23-year-old Nigerian student, Lara Nosiru, who leapt to her death off Clifton Suspension Bridge in Bristol after taking a taxi there with a pal back in January, has revealed that the deceased discussed suicide
with fellow student, Kasumi Kishi who relayed their suicide discussion to friends over pizza.

An inquest claimed that Ms Kishi told the group that if someone wanted to die it was cruel to make them stay alive, as flatmate Solene Rebibo said at the meal Ms Kishi “seemed comfortable” talking about suicide to Ms Nosiru’s friends.

Ms. Nosiru who took an overdose of LSD before her death, reportedly suffered from depression for four years as Psychotherapist Dr Niklas Serning said he had seen Ms Nosiru, every week for a year and she was “extremely bright” and would discuss the meaning of life at their hourly sessions.

Ms Kishi told cops she had hoped to convince Lara not to kill herself. CCTV showed she twice pulled her from the edge before walking away. Police looked at charges including assisting suicide but ruled no offence was committed.
But Lara’s mum Olu, 50, blasted Ms Kishi, saying: “She could have saved her.” The Avon and Somerset coroner ruled Lara took her own life while under the influence of drugs.

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