Lawyer blames Pnoy for the failure of Sept. 21 rally to resurrect the spirit of EDSA 1,2

Atty. Cheryl L. Daytec-Yangot shared a Facebook post by a lawyer friend Yam Tamayo, offered various explanations why the September 21 rally ended up miserably.

Lawyer directly blames former President Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino the much-ballyhooed Liberal Party rally to resurrect the spirit of EDSA 1 and 2, but the plan exploded in their faces.

Read the post below:

"NEVER AGAIN! Atty. Yam Tamayo raises an interesting observation: An oligarch is in the University of the Philippines protesting a "probinsiyano" in Malacanang Palace. How fortunes have reversed, she observes.

"This is in reaction to the news that former Pres. Aquino is with the protesters in UP.

"Today has been declared a National Day of Protest. Even before the declaration, the Reds already planned to stage a protest. They do it regularly anyway. Consistently, they have been exposing the ills of society and the excesses of government. Even when they were in an alliance with the Duterte government, they never left the streets. Now that I am with the government, I genuinely appreciate what they are doing because it makes us aware of issues we need to address. They give us directions on how the government can be responsive to the issues of the poor and marginalized. I know they are protesting in the name of social change. They are not doing it for political party power grab. If they want to grab power, it is to deliver it to the people.

"But it is a different matter when the protesters were and remain to be part of the oligarchic structure that oppressed the poor, either by direct action or by their dangerously enabling silence. PNoy and his lieutenants in and out of government protesting against tyranny? Against injustice? It is only now that you realized how unjust the structures have always been in this country?

"That is when we draw the line between protest for social change and power grab masquerading as protest against tyranny. We do not need another EDSA which was essentially a power grab by the oligarchs. We shifted from tyranny to oligarchy. Never again.

"We need social change."


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