Lady who claimed Don Jazzy is impotent says she was misinterpreted

Queen Dina Ikoma raised eyebrows yesterday when she went on a rant on her Facebook page alleging that:

Don Jazzy is impotent. After several hot unprotected sex with him I still can’t get pregnant. No wonder he refused to marry. He’s infertile.

This morning, she has recanted her statement saying she was misunderstood.
I wasn’t actually refering to his sex life. Maybe Media misunderstood me. I never had sex with him before. We were just friends in social media. So he promised to assist me in my career.

We chatted that night letter I wasn’t able to chat with him again. I became very eager . So letter I wanted to write ‘ Don Jazzy is important’ but my smart phones autocorrect changed the spelling to something else and therefore causing the media misinterprete my statement.

I have never one day said that we had sex or talked about pregnancy. Please media should stop spreading the rumour about me.

Queen Dina Ikoma’s post from yesterday where she alleged Don Jazzy was impotent :

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