Former anti-martial law Ka. Perry:"Marami ng kwentong kutsero ngayon. Ito'y makakalasaon sa isipan ng mga kabataan"

An interview of a young Millennial with a former New People's Army (NPA) member and Activist named Ka. Perry Callanta, who was tortured and was jailed during the martial law, was posted on youtube where the video focused on the idea and definition of Martial Law. Ka perry openly voiced out that such perception of youth to “martial law” today has already been established due to fabricated stories told to the younger generation.

At the beginning of the interview, Patricia asked the reason why he joined the New Peoples’ Army. 

Ka perry then answered explaining and defining their character as youth, that as a student of the 70’s they believed that life lived in the Philippines must be well and an activist is a person who lived to believe that former Fresident Ferdinand Marcos must change the system and the way he leads and that the Philippines belongs to the Filipino and not the Americans till the writ of habeas corpus was suspended in the 1970 in 1972 martial law was declared, then ka Perry decided to join HIMAGSIKAN believing that this is the only solution to freedom of the dictatorship that time.

Patricia then asked ka perry how he sees martial law, because according to her, in the millennia’s history class the perspective of the younger generation is negative.

With courage, Ka perry said “winners re-write history” explaining the manipulation of the EDSA revolution winner to has the chance to change what the truth behind the history was then explained their part as NPA who are against Martial Law for the cause of securing themselves to be caught and be attacked anytime by the military, but regretfully said that it was somewhat their actions were the reason why martial law was declared.

Then said ka perry that if “MARTIAL LAW” was wrong, this should have not been written on our constitutions, then added he that marcos was not supposed to be called berdugo for it was not on the character of the president to kill any Filipino and emphasized that with all the protest and revolution of many NPA marcos did not have them killed then told he Patricia that the one who took him and tortured him was not marcos but was METROCOM  PC and then mentioned the BOSS of the said group being Former President Fidel V. Ramos.

Then clarified he the real meaning of being a victim of marial law was neither them as NPA nor the Armed Forces who fought against them but was those who were silent sitting that got affected with the revolution they made. 

Ka perry added that the reason why the issue of the Martial Law still floats is because of money for he believes that at the time the “Marcos issue” is forgotten, the issue of “claim” will also be forgotten where he said that claims were only bringing fabricated stories that such were tortured during the time of martial law.

The video ended with ka perry quoting President Marcos saying “para sa ika uunlad ng bansa ang kailangan ay disiplina” which before he laughed at but today said “TAMA NGA”.

Watch the full video below:

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